Active leisure on
Lake Garda

"Active leisure" for 3 generations

The motto “active leisure” belongs to Carlo, who of the Hotel is the soul and the engine that today drives the third generation of the family. He inherited the genes and passion from Mamma Fernanda, a pioneer almost 70 years ago.

Leisure because the "dolce far niente" is the essence of the holiday.
Active because being Green is enjoying it, it means moving, discovering.

Which is the spirit that we recommend our guests have.
A bit of idleness in the pool and sitting at the table, a bit of motorbike for a walk around Garda Trentino.


You'll be lazy here.

Brione has always been HOME for all of us. This instinctively leads us to always taste the dishes that Michele or Anna prepare and take a tour of our 75 rooms every morning.

We give the most attention to the rooms because we have many and many different ones, the result of renovations in different eras.

Our green lung

Green Area

Green Resort because we were lucky enough to be born in a beautiful area and our tradition started taking inspiration from the name (Brione) of the mountain that is close to us, a protected biotope that is a wonder of nature.

This is why we consider the internal garden where the swimming pool is our “green lung”.

Our guests particularly appreciate these services



Green Area



About Us



The Brione Green Resort is located in what in Riva del Garda is called “Fascia Lago”, the area of ​​the beaches and the cycle-pedestrian area, which in a few minutes takes you from the tourist port to the historic center and beyond.

The Hotel overlooks the main avenue. In front, on one side, of a small road that leads to the beautiful Spiaggia dei Pini in a few meters, and on the other, a few steps from the path that climbs to Monte Brione. Hill which, in addition to giving us its name, also inspired our green philosophy.

We have ample parking for cars and motorcycles, and a safe shelter for bicycles.

How to reach Riva del Garda

A short walk from everything

How to Reach us

Riva del Garda is located in the northern part of Lake Garda and the nearest towns to it are Rovereto and Trento, from which it is 23 and 40 km away respectively, via the SS240 and the SS45 bis (also known as the Gardesana Occidentale).

With the SS45 bis you pass through Pietramurata, Dro and Arco, or the A22 del Brennero, with Rovereto south exit and direction Lake Garda.

The nearest railway station to Riva del Garda is located in Rovereto, about 24 km away by SS240.

Once in Rovereto, it is possible to connect with Riva del Garda by bus.

Desenzano and Peschiera are also connected by rail, along the Milan-Venice line, which has an important connection point in Verona, and from there by train to Rovereto or by ferry to the lake.

Riva del Garda is located a short distance from more than one airport. The closest in terms of the number of commercial flights operating is Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN), about an hour away by car or 3 hours by train.

Other airports close to Riva del Garda are:
Brescia (approx. 80 km), Bergamo (130 km), Milan (approx. 200 km), Venice (210 km), Treviso (220 km).

Contact us

Info Request

Requesting information from the hotel’s official website brings several advantages that you find listed below.

Surely having a direct and more personal contact with us we hope it will be an added value. An opportunity also to better grasp the desires and needs.

But preferring the direct relationship with us also leads to savings on the final quote.

Getting informed does not lead to any obligation.
Ask for our support and we will try to be as timely as possible.