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There are two gardens that distinguish us. One is internal, repaired, and we call it our “Green Lung”. The garden of the swimming pool.

The other garden allows us to make ourselves known because it is on the road.
The “Comunque” Caravan stands out, a street bar that offers cocktails and snacks in the evening.

Inside the hotel there is the Caffè Brione bar, which also has a bright sitting area overlooking the garden.

Only there you can find the showcase of artisan sweets “Albumi” prepared by our Alessandra.

The Albumi pastry desserts are also exclusive to our Restaurant: cakes and biscuits for breakfast, refined desserts in the evening.



Green Area


Caffè Brione




The Brione Green Resort is located in what in Riva del Garda is called “Fascia Lago”, the area of ​​the beaches and the cycle-pedestrian area, which in a few minutes takes you from the tourist port to the historic center and beyond.

The Hotel overlooks the main avenue. In front, on one side, of a small road that leads to the beautiful Spiaggia dei Pini in a few meters, and on the other, a few steps from the path that climbs to Monte Brione. Hill which, in addition to giving us its name, also inspired our green philosophy.

We have ample parking for cars and motorcycles, and a safe shelter for bicycles.

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