Saying “in a hurry” does us little honor, but on the day of the closing of the Hotel we would not be honest if we said that we do everything calmly.
It’s psychological I think. Seasonal work has few breaks and when you see the end-of-year finish line you feel a bit anxious to finish fast.

To say, the routine of unpacking the rooms could easily be done over several days. Calmly. Instead, we always finish it on the day of closing, at the cost of staying overnight.

We closed the gate and celebrated the last day together on Sunday 25. In the morning the last guests had left, in the evening Linda had already restarted her home kitchen for the first meal at home with Carlo since May.

However, it is absolutely wrong to realize that our “home” remains dirty due to haste.

In reality, all departments are preparing for closure well in advance. And as we are lucky enough to have trusted work colleagues, getting ready is easier.

Maria is an end-of-season cleaning Caterpillar.
The cleaning of the chairs in the room, the tidying up of all the utensils, the meticulous control of every corner hidden between the ceiling lights and the shelves.

To give an idea of ​​her efficiency, she half toast she ate a little pasta in a hurry and apologized but she had to go back inside to clean up.

Giovanna and Betty dismantled the whole bar, covering the bottles and putting all the glasses back in the cupboards. We do the cleaning of the coffee machine every day, because it is 70% of the success of the product, so it didn’t take long to fix that too.

Carmen, Mila and 2 other girls who arrived that day to help have dismantled all the rooms, leaving only the mattresses.
Elena took charge of the whole ground floor, as she does every day, while Nicola and Maurizio rubbed the counters and hobs in the kitchen that not even Cenerantola did so energicamewnte.

Elena and Cristina have the task of tidying up all the papers at the reception and carefully checking all the emails of the last few days. In order not to make a bad impression, perhaps to forget to answer someone just because we are closing.

In the meantime, Carlo had already set to work in the garden, where for a few weeks we will be struggling with pruning, the most delicate plant coverings and the reorganization of all the messy warehouses.

Then we also have delusions eh. Like all habituals.

The closing ritual of the evening is to turn down the general lights switch, turning off the garden, the parking lot and all the external lights of the hotel. If at dinner time dad Carlo hasn’t done it yet, Alessandra usually calls and “breaks up”.

This time it was also a beautiful journey. See you in a few months!
(We will keep you updated on news)