Graziana is a friend, a former manager of a bookshop who is literally in love with the light blue color of the bookcase-wall of the bar.
The first year after the works we had furnished it with bottles of wine and oil, with the idea over time of making it a showcase of local products.
Including the oil that our olive trees on Monte Brione give us.

Lei che è colta, saggia e non ha peli sulla lingua ci aveva fatto subito notare fosse un'idea poco brillante.

She who is cultured, wise and doesn't mince words about her had immediately pointed out to us that it was a lackluster idea.

In a library you need books.

Especially if we love reading as a family or if in our hotel it very often happens that guests leave the novels they read during their holiday here.
For "Posterity".
Which is an ancient way of saying Book Sharing.
Returning to the baby blue color, a variety of blue between light blue and gray, it was always Graziana who suggested "playing with it."
Until about the 1950s, sugar was sold by weight in grocery stores and wrapped in a blue film. It is said to cover some yellowish halo left by handicraft production.
The name of the color comes from there.
And since we have the books but we are also a small pastry shop….
"Books in Carta da Zucchero".

What then of sugar books that we sell like cakes we don't have any. They are the books that in a certain sense are wrapped by the shelf that is of that color there.
In short, we wanted it to be a somewhat original idea to communicate that we have books at the Bar, and then let people discover that they can also be taken and taken away.
Or better still "exchange them", leave your own to take away other unread ones.

Here at the Brione, texts can also be found in the corridors leading to the rooms, including those for children which may come in handy for a family to help them sleep.