We automatically call it "La Roulotte", but in reality Alessandra had given us time to choose the name COMUNQUE.

The meaning is a bit like saying whatever happens, here you can "get away" for a bit.
Because that camping trailer parked in the garden, surrounded by the 1980s model Adriatic coast deck chairs, is a corner of freedom on a very touristy but also busy and noisy avenue.

Honestly, she didn't expect the idea to be so successful either. That initially, that caravan had bought it to offer vegan street food and certainly not to keep it permanently parked in the garden.

Then…. Pragmatism matters too.

And in hindsight, with almost ten seasons of work already behind us, such a thought in the only (or almost) green space on the avenue was truly brilliant.
Anyone walking along the avenue turns their head and is surprised at what they see.

All credits go to Alessandra.
Indeed, the family has also suffered this choice a bit. In the first few years it almost seemed as if an independent bar had started up in the Brione's private garden.

Which didn't cause any particular problems, but in short, it seemed absurd to us that the hotel's service was almost in competition with the Anyway.

Fortunately, the appeal for those chic little lights that look like a starry sky hasn't changed over time, the selection of gin and tonics that at the time was something that nobody offered. French fries and falafel to dip into paprika flavored vegan mayonnaise…

The synergy with the hotel has changed.
Today the caravan is also perceived by our guests as a valuable and appreciated service of the hotel.

How "unique" was the fish tank with water lilies that was there before, when the garden was "only" beautiful to look at but which made Carlo so proud.