We like to use the term "NORDIC", although perhaps the definition is more what we believe it is for us, more than the real meaning of the word.

Children left to play in the rain, bare feet, bicycles without pedals or wheels. Very independent children, parents present and not very apprehensive.

Few no but a lot of patience to explain, with tones of voice that are almost never raised.


Perhaps, we have stated it.

But when we think of the children who come as guests here at Brione, we try to look at that imaginary.

A hotel for families with children, different from a hotel for children who come with families.

For example, let's take our garden.
What we call the "Green Lung", our most valuable environment.

A secluded, sheltered area where the swimming pool is set in a few thousand square meters of greenery.
Where the olive trees act as umbrellas for those who want to move the sunbed in the shade.

Well, we don't have any children's play areas here. Nor a little bar with music. By regulation, it would also be forbidden to dive.

We believe the quiteness of this area is sacred. Those who choose to come to us to rest are entitled to it, but also those who are on holiday with friends and enjoy this space to drink gin and tonics by the pool.

Even children are entitled to it.
Like the Nordic ones that make them sleep under a plant when they are small and older ones play on the grass. Or they learn on holiday with dad to float on their own.

We try to offer the services that we think will be useful for families on vacation.
Somehow small things, like the step to reach the sink in the bathrooms of the common areas or the kettle to heat the water for the baby bottle.
The choice not to have bulky sofa beds but to equip all the multiple bedrooms with a side rail. To have a little more space and offer a more comfortable mattress.

Can we call them small attentions?