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Will you celebrate your birthday here on holiday at Brione?
Do you want to take a sweet memory home with you?


All the desserts in our showcase at the bar are made by Alessandra, in the brand new Laboratorio di Dolci which she has called Albumi *. And that you have redeveloped an old space in the hotel.

In practice, we are also equipped to prepare desserts on commission. Like for example the cake that we are occasionally asked to buy to celebrate an anniversary here.
Here, we will no longer go to order from the trusted pastry chef in Riva.

After returning to the workbench, Alessandra had to evolve. I mean, she wanted.
What used to be an almost all-encompassing commitment to preparing macarons, highly sought after both at the hotel bar and also to order, has become a "real" appointment with the pastry shop.

In these first months, her concentration is on the sweet showcase of the bar. And in fact, we can now proudly say that we only offer homemade products, including pies, muffins, cookies and other "breakfast" sweets that have made us choose not to have brioches anymore.

We lose some customers, it's true. Especially we Italians, without the croissant for breakfast we feel displaced.
However, producing such a wide range of products and then buying brioches seemed counterintuitive to us.
And we are not equipped to make them ourselves because croissants require an almost exclusive endowment.

In short, what can you eat here?
Cheesecakes, cocoa truffles, tarts with raspberry, mango and wild berry jam, a revisited black forest, the red velvet that Alessandra's friend Giulia likes so much.
Then plumcakes with crunchy pistachio on top, 2 different versions of brownies, grandma's cake, vegan chocolate bars.

And the macarons, of course?.