For the first time in years, this summer we didn't offer full board.
Here in the family we struggle to remember exactly, but it may have been the first time in 70 years of history.

The event went a bit quietly like so many things that happen during the high season, where time seems to go by twice as fast.

"Soon it's mid-August".
"Tomorrow is already the 15th".
“A few more days and it is September”.

Everything seems to have happened in a flash.

We were talking about lunch.
Quite simply, the requests of travelers who are interested in taking advantage of the restaurant service in the hotel have dropped.
There is still a fairly large number of people interested in having dinner, but almost zero questions for a stay including lunch.

In reality it then happened that someone, once a guest here, confessed to us that "there had been the possibility" he would have also had lunch.
But very few and for a very limited number of days, between August 15th.

Times change, it's okay, and even our destination is perhaps seen more than in the past as a destination to enjoy, to go around. Which is very good, because we are so lucky that it would be a sin not to do it.

Like eating lipstick and chocolate, Ornella Vanoni sang.

Think of the villages of Rango and Balbido, Canale di Tenno, the very green area of Fiavè and Lomaso. To the beautiful Val di Ledro or to the many alpine huts that can be reached after a walk, but also simply by car.
The San Pietro refuge with a breathtaking view of the Upper Garda, Malga Grassi that emerges from the woods, the Nino Pernici, Monte Casale, the Altissimo, the Stivo

But let's make it easier. Riva itself already offers a very large range of possibilities to eat "on the go".
Starting with the ice cream.

We don't think the time of lunch at the hotel will come back.
Rather, we are very curious to understand how travellers' desires and habits for dinner will evolve.
Many say the kitchens of almost all hotels will close….

We don't want to get to this. We wouldn't, at least.
Hospitality without a restaurant lacks soul.

As the world continues to change we will try to keep an eye out to keep up.
With the aluminum bottle always in the bag.