As a sign of peace.

You who are without malice, with your wondrous ability to offer unconditional love and fidelity, be magnanimous to us.
We cannot welcome you here.

To your friends Lolli, many years ago, and more recently the Bullo, the Jinger, Baloo, Ugo we have always tried to love as much as possible.
We are dog and animal lovers in general.
Imagine that one of Carlo and Andrea's dreams would be to have a small farm with a donkey and chickens.

However, we have had to forbid access to animals, here at Brione.
For many reasons, but the first and most important for the respect we try to give to all the people who come here.

You and I know very well that if between the 2 there was a rude one it would be me. You are pure, do what my neighbor example has sown.
You tease them because I haven't been a good guide. Or if I don't give you the time you deserve, since I was the one who chose you as a friend.

However, our service cannot be up to you.
We cannot let you and your master enter the dining room. Spaces are too tight.
We can't let you rest with him under the lounger at the pool. Someone close may be afraid of you, someone else may make your fur sneeze. Worse, they could annoy you and make you bark.

We "sell" ourselves as a hotel that has a "Green Lung" around the pool, a well-kept area away from street noise and where our guests often find a way to relax.
We absolutely cannot risk that the lack of attention of some humans can make you restless or disturb others.

A sad bark if you are left alone, a little needy that can escape you in the meadow, maybe you even get a legitimate desire to run after the many birds that usually sing in the trees.

We are very sorry, but we do not like to do things by halves.
Accept and then put the bans.
Freedom is a very precious conquest and you deserve to feel like the others on vacation. Happy.


Maybe it won't be forever because some future renovation could allow us to have livable spaces in a different way.
But that's the way it is now. We have to settle for seeing each other only at the bar, which has been open to the public for some years now, from the garden on the street.

If your master comes by for a coffee, we'll gladly offer you a bowl of water.
As a sign of peace.